Top 10 Best Massage Chairs under 1000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

After a tiring day getting a little massage is not a bad idea. But you can’t ask someone for this kind of favor as for best massage chairs under 1000. Plus a person won’t be able to give you a proper massage which you can get from a massage chair.

How about getting your massage chair? There is a list of the best massage chairs under 1000 that we can provide, so you don’t have to go to a spa anymore because you were craving for a body massage.

Well, yes, you read it right. There are massage chairs under $1000 with super luxurious massage functions you can enjoy at your place. We are sharing our very own experience of using these chairs so you can trust our reviews about them.

List of top 10 best massage chairs under 1000 [2021]

No.ImageMassage Chairs Under 1000RatingMore Information
1NFL Shiatsu Massage Chair 9.4/10

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2RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic]9.4/10

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3Shiatsu RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] 8.8/10

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4MAGIC UNION Massage Recliner 7.6/10

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5EARTHLITE Massage Chair 8.4/10

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6Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner 8.8/10

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7Electric Shiatsu Recliner 8.0/10

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8Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner8.0/10

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9Real Relax Massage Chair8.6/10

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10BestMassage chair9.0/10

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Now, we are going to talk about the top best massage chairs under $1000 that you will be able to afford easily. Plus we are sharing our very own personal experience of using these chairs so you can trust us:

1. NFL Shiatsu Massage ChairBest Zero Gravity Massage Chair under $1000


If you want to relax in a massage chair, but you also want to feel warmth in your bones, then you can have this best zero gravity best massage chairs under 1000.

We can tell you from our own experience that getting a little bit of heat while having a massage by sitting in this chair won’t be a bad idea. But you also need to know about the other features of this massage chair so keep reading:


  • Zero gravity: If you have a problem in your back, then the zero gravity feature of this chair will help you with this problem. This function will allow you to elevate your feet to the same level as your back and heart. So you won’t feel any kind of tension in your back.
  • Heat massage: There are a total of 32 heat bags at different points that will provide heat to your body, and through this therapy as a result, you will feel relaxed. If any joint of your body is any pain, then this heated massage is the ultimate solution.
  • Functions: There are three different types of massage functions in this machine so that you can select one according to your requirement.

Why do you need to buy this?

If you love to relax and need massage without asking anyone for it then this chair is all you need to order right now.

  • Multiple massage function
  • Heat massage and zero gravity technology
  • Space-saving
  • None

2. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] Massage Chair – 3 Zero Gravity Air Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR-[MK-Classic]Now, this brand has some extra features and this has been designed especially for those people who are tall.

We can assure you that even if your height is more then 6 feet, you would love to have a smooth massaging experience in this chair. Not only its length, but there are also many other attractive facts about this chair we have experienced so far. You can select the angle of your sitting and the type of massage you want to enjoy.


  • Fully assembled: You don’t have to collect it before using it. It comes assembled you just have to put it in the right place.
  • Zero gravity and multiple programs: Well, this massage chair has 3 zero gravity positions plus seven auto massage programs. Moreover, you can select the angle of your sitting and the type of massage you want to enjoy.
  • Air massage: While having a massage, if you want to enjoy some warmth in your bones, then there are 42 airbags placed in this chair at different points.

Why do you need to buy this?

This brand has all the functions that you would love to enjoy if your body is aching and you want some relaxing time.

  • 3 zero gravity and 7 auto massaging options
  • Helps in recovering joints paint with heat massage
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Extendable footrest
  • None

3. Shiatsu RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Massage Chair – Best Full Body Massage Chair Under 1000


This chair has been redesigned by upgrading its massaging functions. it is one of the best full-body massage chairs under 1000.

If you like to enjoy different massage types or you want to control the massaging function by yourself, then this chair has the manual massaging option as well. But let’s talk about the features of this chair which we have enjoyed so far:


  • Three-stage zero gravity: It has three-stage ultra automatic zero gravity function with four automatic massage functions and three manual as well.
  • Airbags and deep tissue massage: There are three levels of airbags at three different points to relieve pain from your body—moreover, deep tissue massage with full-body stretching for spinal decompression.
  • Calf & Foot massage: This function is mainly for pinpoint kneading massage to your calves and feet.

Why do you need to buy this?

If you have spinal issues then the spinal decompression massage by this chair is best to get rid of this problem.

  • Spinal decompression massage
  • Manual massage functions
  • Airbags heating system
  • None

4. MAGIC UNION Massage Recliner – Best Power Lift Massage Recliner


This MAGIC UNION chair is not expensive but it has fewer functions then the other we have talked about above.

If you are looking for a chair with a price but also fulfills your need for body massage, then you can buy this. You must also have a look at the features of this chair before ordering it:


  • Wood designed: It is made up of high-quality wood and faux leather so that it will give your body a warm and comfortable touch.
  • Power lift: This function is best for older people. A power lift that will help them to stand comfortably.
  • Functions: Heat function is for lumber part with four focus massage points and five modes.

Why do you need to buy this?

Magic Union Chair will give a good massage to your body. It is not expensive but it has almost all the massaging functions you would love to enjoy.

  • Power lift helps in standing
  • Easy assembling
  • Reclining function is available
  • None

5. EARTHLITE Vortex Massage Chair – Best Portable Massage Chair


Like we are talking about the best massage chair then what are your thoughts about having this portable massage chair?

From our experience, using this massage chair is quite natural because we can assemble it whenever we want to have or give a massage session. There other features of this portable massage chair you must read:


  • Comfortable: This light massage Vortex massage chair is extremely convenient because of the high-quality pro-lite cushioning.
  • Easy to assemble: It has multiple arms, face, and seat adjustments options for your clients.

Why do you need to buy this?

If you can take this message wherever you are traveling then what else you are looking for? You can adjust it according to the client’s requirement.

  • Portable: won’t cover much space
  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • None

6. Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner – Best Electric Foot Massage Chair


What if we tell you this massage chair has got review best massage chair under 1000? Well from our very own experience of using this chair has been a really comfortable price.

It has got all the features, or you can say function that you think of while going for a massage a spa. But you now you can have a spa massage experience at your place.

There are some other desirable features of this chair we would love to share with you:


  • Smart massage technology: This chair has sensors that will detect your height and your figure so it will adjust itself according to your number. It made to accommodate a variety of characters and body types.
  • Zero gravity: This feature has body scan technology, and it will give scan your body to provide you with a relaxing individualized massage experience.
  • Zero gravity massage: In this feature, the chair will elevate your feet to the level of your heart. So you won’t feel any tension in your spine. It is the best way to relax, and you will feel weightless in this posture.
  • Heated massage: If your body or joints aches and you want to feel warmth in your bones, then you can turn on the heating massage function. It has built-in 32 airbags at different points that will give your body a warming massage experience.
  • Massage modes: It has six massage modes, and you can select according to your mood or the need of your body. It also has five auto massage systems that are present in it, for example, full-body stretching.
  • Manual body massage: It also has a function of manual body massage in which you can select services to choose your method.
  • Powerful message: This chair has designed to quite comfortably the chair rollers glide from the upper back of your body to your feet as a result it gives you a full body massage.

Why do you need to buy this?

We have talked about the features of this massage above in quite a detail. This is all you need at your home or workplace if you want to release tension from your body.Moreover, ordering this best massage chair for 1000 dollar-sis not a bad idea at all.

  • Multiple massage auto and manual functions
  • Built-in LSS Bluetooth speaker
  • Heat foot roller
  • Zero gravity heat massage
  • None

7. Shiatsu Massage Chair – Electric , Foot Roller with Heat & Audio 


This is one of the latest massage chair design that has features to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Place it in your living room or in your office so whenever you feel tired you can have a lovely massage session.

If you are looking for a massage chair that is not expensive but at least has all the basic massage chair features, then this chair is one you can order. Here are some of the features of this chair:


  • Soft and comfortable: This massage chair has designed to give your body comfort.
  • Zero gravity design: Eight massage points inside the backrest; moreover, zero gravity function will make you feel relaxed physically and mentally as well.
  • Heat massage function: The heat massage function will give your body a warm touch while improving blood circulation.

Why do you need to buy this?

You will feel relaxed while sitting in this massage chair. If you have backache then its backrest points will help you to get rid of that pain.

  • Zero gravity function with heating
  • Four preset massage functions
  • None

8. Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner – Best Massage Chair for Living Room


If you like bright color and you want to choose a massage chair with sharp shade then this burgundy shade massage chair might suit your taste.

The not only shade of this chair is classy, but it has functions that you would love to experience. The comfortable massage experience is all you need when you are tired, and your body aches.

Before you order this chair, you can have a look at the functions of this chair:


  • Adjustable massage: You can adjust the angle of your massage chair according to your requirement.
  • Heat massage & airbags: This chair has got a heat massage function to give the body warm massage experience with airbags at specific points of this chair; as a result, it will help your stiff body muscles to relax.
  • Body scanning technology: It has body scan technology, and it will scan your body to give you a fit customized massage plus it will help in setting and adjusting the angle of the chair according to your body measurements.

Why do you need to buy this?

This best massage chair for $1000 is a good choice if you don’t want to visit the spa for a massage. So you can bring your spa at your own place.

  • Body scan technology with built-in sensors
  • Heat massage with airbags
  • Multiple massage functions ( 7 massage modes, 9 preset auto massage functions)
  • Manual massage function is also available
  • Sleeping mode
  • None

9. Real Relax Massage Chair – One Button Zero Gravity Design & Weightless


An affordable massage chair with basic massage functions that you demand. We have used this massage chair and it was quite comfortable while sitting in this chair.

It helps in relaxing your nerves by giving you a soothing massage session. Here are the details about the features we have seen in this chair so far:


  • Zero gravity: The zero-gravity feature will help you sit in a relaxing posture. Your heels will elevate at the level of your heart to decrease the tension from your back.
  • Adjustable airbags: You can adjust the airbags and set rollers by using the remote.
  • Massage functions: It has got six auto modes of massage.

Why do you need to buy this?

It is an affordable luxury that you can buy for yourself for your body. It will help you in getting freshen up if you are tired and your body aches.

  • Bluetooth audio play
  • Adjustable airbags and rollers
  • Multiple massage functions
  • None

10. BestMassage Chair – Air Massage Chair with Heat Therapy 


After working the whole day at night don’t you want to get relax than getting massage therapy is the best solution? This electric full body massage chair will help in calming your body.

You will be able to relax in this massage chair, both physically and mentally. But before you take any decision about this chair, you need to know the features of this chair first.


  • Zero gravity: It has got zero gravity function to make you sit in a better and relaxing posture. And, your feet will elevate to your heart level. And, your body will feel relaxed in this state.
  • Heat therapy with airbags: You can select the heat therapy function in which you will get a massage while feeling warmth in your body to calm your nerves. The airbags will also help you to get rid of compression from your lower back pelvis area.

Functions: There are three auto preset massage features, but you can also select the power speed and airbag pressure for manual massage experience.

Why do you need to buy this?

Because you want to have a relaxing massage experience at your own place when you are done with the work. So, this is the main reason for buying this affordable best massage chairs under 1000.

  • Auto plus manual massage functions
  • Zero gravity, heat therapy with airbags
  • Space-saving massage chair
  • None

Best Massage Chair under 1000 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are still confused about choosing the best product from the above and you are willing to trust our opinion then order Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner.

It is one of the best massage chairs under 1000. You won’t regret ordering it. Before you order it first look at the buyer’s guide of this affordable massage chair:

  • Features: There are seven massage modes, smart body scan technology, 21 airbags, two heat pads in the back area, and 2 in the foot area. Nine preset auto massage programs for full-body stretching are available. You can also choose a standard massage feature to control your massage session.
  • Refund Policy: Yes, It is available if you don’t like the product; ultimately, you will be able to claim your money. Moreover, you won’t get the shipping charges back.
  • Weight of Shiatsu Massage Chair: A person 6’3” tall can sit this chair, and it can handle pressure up to 265 lbs.
  • Sleeping Mode: Yes, It has a sleep mode, once the automatic massage is over, the chair, won’t come back into its sitting position.

Now you have the list of top 10 massage chairs. We have also mentioned one of the best massage chairs under 1000. You just can’t visit a spa every day or day after tomorrow. So it is better to buy your massage chair and have a spa massage experience at your place.


Q1. Are these massage chairs worth buying?

A massage chair with multiple massage functions plus it is under $1000. Isn’t it worth buying? You don’t have to spend money on spas to get a massage. You can have this experience in your place whenever you want.

Q2. Why do you need to buy your own full body massage chair?

Buying your own full body massage chair will save the money that you spend at spas so you can have a relaxing massage session. It is better to invest one time and get your message machine.

Q3. Why Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner is better than other massage chairs, and how much weight can it handle?

It is better than other chairs because it is less expensive but has all the massage functions a good massage chair should have. It helps you relax. Also, you can turn this chair into a recliner as well and enjoy a zero gravity massage experience. It is one of the top-rated best massage chairs under 1000 and handles weight up to 256lbs.


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