6 Best Ways To Make Money with a Truck

If you are the truck owner, then you might find it challenging to meet the ends of its expenses. The truck can be a real stress for you if you are tight on your pocket. But you know what, you can get some solid bucks out of this workhorse that relieves you from all its expanses and gets some cash in your pocket.


You can even start a business with this gas guzzler and make 1000s of bucks in a short time. Moreover, you can also create a side job of delivering foods or plowing snow or anything like that if not a business. In other words, there are too many ways to make money with a truck and trailer.

Here I’m bringing some of the best and easy ways to make money with a truck. So let’s read on:

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6 Ways To Make Money With Your Truck

I’m mentioning the jobs you can do in your spare time, although if you want to make it a full-time business, you can do so. Furthermore, you can affiliate your pickup truck with some existing companies to get a good passive income source.

1. Offer Moving Services

When people shift their homes or offices around town or another city, they need a truck to move their stuff. You can start to move people’s stuff around in your vehicle and get some handsome cash at the end of the day. People usually contact a moving company to transport their stuff, but you can win the bid at a competitive price. Be mindful that if you have a small truck, then attach the trailer to move more stuff in one go.

How to start moving services?

You can start with your moving services first by asking your neighborhoods whether they need moving assistance or not. Moreover, there is an app called goshare which can help you start moving services. It acts as a third party and handles the payments and other stuff for you.

How much can you earn with moving services?

You can make more than $15 in an hour with the moving business. Moreover, the salary highly depends on the area (ruler or metro) you are traveling to, the wrapping of the stuff, etc. in other words, you can earn some handsome bucks at the end of the year by just moving goods.

Give and takes of moving services?

While moving services can yield good results for you but taking stuff here, and there will take so much time of yours. Sometimes it might take a week to move things around. Still, you can make this timeless by attaching a trailer to your truck which will save the time of yours.

2. Snowplowing

One of the best side jobs with a pickup truck is snow plowing. Suppose you live in a place where the snow stacks up against your streets and road, then it is good for you. Turn your truck into a snowplow by attaching a plow to the front and start wiping off snow from the streets. While securing a snowplow will cost some bucks still worth investing. Furthermore, you can also offer salting services alongside snow plowing, which will give you even more dollars at the end of the day.

How to start snow plowing?

You can ask your neighbors whether they need snow plowing services. Besides, you can also go to commercial property owners and offer snow plowing services. Moreover, you will also need to gather some snow plowing stuff like a snowplow, salt sprayer, and salt for starting with the business.

How much can you earn with snow plowing?

According to IBISWorld, Snow plowing is a 14 billion industry currently and is growing rapidly since 2016. You can charge up to $75 for an hour of snow plowing services. Customers might hire you all season for snow plowing or on an hourly basis.

Give and Takes of snow plowing?

For snowplowing, your truck needs to be strong enough to withstand weather conditions. Further, if you have a tight budget, starting with snow plowing might be difficult. If you live in a snowy area, then starting with it is your best bet.

3. Start Towing

If you got some potent truck, then towing is the best way to make extra money as a truck driver. With a minor investment of few bucks, you can earn handsome cash by towing vehicles. Before starting, decide what you will pull, say it boats, and trailer, or cars. Also, reconsider the towing power of your truck that how big vehicles can move along. After deciding, you must practice a bit to get the hang of it.

How To Start Towing Business

To start making money with a tow truck, you need to get all the equipment first. You can get tow cable, dolly, or trailers, depending on what you will be towing. Many towing service provider companies cost high bucks, which is right for you. By offering a competitive price, you can start your towing business. Be mindful that you ought to make some financial plan and buy insurance before starting towing and then advertise your services.

How Much Can You Earn With Towing Services

According to ZipRecruiter, You can earn a maximum of $228,000 minimum as $19,000 annually by towing your truck. You see, it can be an excellent full-time business. Moreover, it also requires an investment of few hundred bucks on getting a license and towing equipment.

Give And Takes Of Towing Services

Towing vehicles and boats is a great way to make money with a diesel truck. With a minimum investment, you can get handsome bucks down the year. On the flip side, towing is not that easy. You need to get the license and proper training to tow stuff.

4. Advertise On Your Truck

The easiest way to make money by owning a truck is by advertising. Many companies and businesses want to advertise on those giant 4-wheeler vehicles. By advertising on your vehicle, they get their name spread across the lands as people will surely turn their heads to watch the bright colored ads. You see, without doing any laborious job, you can make money with your truck. Also, you can do another business besides advertising as it is merely wrapping around your vehicle.

How To Start Advertising On Truck

Starting with advertising is not that difficult. The advertising companies only have a few requisites like-new condition of the vehicle, per month traveling miles, etc., which you must adhere to in order to earn bucks. The good news is that there few platforms like Wrapify and carvertise that can help you start your advertising business.

How Much Can You Earn With Advertising On Truck

The dollars you can earn by advertising on your truck depends on the miles you travel. If you plan to advertise on your vehicle, you will be getting more than $300 to $500 a month just by moving the vehicle around. Furthermore, some companies pay according to the size of the sticker and the area where you travel the most.

Give And Takes Of Advertising On Truck

If you plan to sell your truck anywhere soon, don’t go for an advertising campaign since they will sign a contract for a specific duration to move their billboards. On the flip side, advertising is a no-hustle job, and you only need a lustrous 4-wheeler to paste those stickers and get bucks at the end of every month. It would be best to ask the advertising companies whether the posters are permanent or remove them afterward.

5. Deliver Food and Groceries

Remember Breaking Bad, Where Gustavo Fringe uses trucks to deliver chickens and other cooking stuff to his restaurant? Yes, you can start the same business by providing food items to either restaurants or restaurants. When restaurants have fewer staff members or are short on budget, they begin to outsource their delivery services to deliver food items. So you can make money with a food truck this way.

On the other hand, many people don’t have time to shop for groceries. So you can start delivering people’s groceries at their doorstep and start earning bucks.

How To Start Food Delivering and Grocery delivering Services

To start delivering food from restaurants to people’s homes, you can use apps like Caviar and GrubHub. These apps are so flexible that you can set your work hours according to your availability. Moreover, these apps keep track of your work hours, and you get paid accordingly.

Besides, Burpy is an app made for grocery shopping. People here shop for the goods they need, and that list is sent to you, then you shop for that stuff and deliver it to them.

How Much Can You Earn With food and grocery delivery?

You can earn $20 in an hour by delivering food. Your hourly wage rotates around different factors like tips, your food delivery site, time of the day, and many others.

For delivering groceries, the Burpy says that you can earn somewhere between $25 in an hour. So you see, you got a great chance to make some adequate capital just by delivering food and groceries.

Give And Takes Of food and grocery delivery

You can earn more than 1000 bucks in a month just by delivering food and groceries, but it is not that easy for you. You might be asked to get a license and other stuff for providing food and stuff.

6. Be An Amazon Delivery Guy

You know that amazon.com is the largest marketplace in the world. At Amazon, they frequently need trucks and delivery boys to dispatch the stuff to their destinations. With your pickup truck or box truck, you can get a chance to make money by joining amazon.

How to start working for Amazon’s Deliveries

You start working for Amazon by AmazonFlex. By simply downloading the app, you can get a chance to become an Amazon delivery guy. Moreover, you will control the delivery timings and your workdays. The best part is that you don’t need to work only on business days as you can check to work seven days a week.

How much can you earn from joining amazon?

The AmazonFlex drivers can make somewhere between 18-25 dollars in an hour.

Give and takes of being an Amazon delivery guy

Though the amazon delivery guys get more perks than any other company, it often gets challenging to deliver big stuff like furniture and cupboards.

The Takeaway of How You Can Make Money with a Truck?

Owning a truck is good for you as you get a pet that can yield great bucks for you. You can start a side business or a full-time business with the truck, depending on its genre. Above, we listed some of the best ways to make money with a truck. From plowing snow to deliver the stuff, you can do anything to earn some cash. While having a truck is a huge investment, but starting a business might ask for some more bucks. For plowing snow, you need a plow to place in front of it. Well, that might stress you a bit, but at the end of the year, you will get more than your investments. Besides, there are many other ways in which you will not be asked to invest in starting a business like Amazon delivery services. So it’s on you what you like most to do with your trucks. I hope you like this guide on how to make money with a truck and find it useful.


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