25 (12+8+5) Easy Ways To Make Money As A Kid

What’s the last thing you wished to get, and your mom said no? Was that a skateboard or a new gaming console? I know how irritating it is when you have to leave your favorite stuff just because mom said NO!

Well! Don’t stress anymore as today, kids got ways to earn money at their fingertips. If you were searching in the previous decade to make money as a kid, this guide would be filled with laborious ideas to make money. Luckily, You are a kid born in the new era, so you can get some good bucks just by tapping fingers on a smartphone or sitting in front of a PC.


If you are a kid above 6 looking for ways to earn money to get your favorite stuff, read this article till the end because here we will show you the best ways to make money as a kid.

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The Internet is filled with ideas on how to make money as a kid. Don’t idle around by playing silly games only; use the internet to earn handsome cash. Below I’m listing some to make money as a kid without a job on the internet:

1. Take Surveys

One of the easy ways to make money as a kid is by taking part in online surveys. Many companies are merely looking for people’s opinions, and that’s why they advertise paid survey forms. You only need to take part in the surveys, and you will get paid. Although these surveys will not make you a millionaire, you still earn some extra money than your pocket money. SurveyJunkie is one of the best online survey platforms. Besides, Swagbucks is another platform that offers versatile options to earn money. You can play games or search the internet or watch videos and perform many other activities to get some cash in the pocket.

2. Transcribe Audios

Got good ears? Yes, then grab headphones and start transcribing the audio files. It’s as simple as putting fingers to keys for typing. Many of the websites look upon people for transcribing services and then offer some excellent cash. Rev is one of these websites that offers $1 per minute for transcription, and TranscribeMe offers $15-$22 for each transcription hour. So don’t lay around lazily on the couch, get headphones, and start earning.

3. Start Youtubing

Want to make money online as a kid for free? Start Youtubing. It is one of the best platforms from which many youngsters earn an outstanding amount of dollars each year. Moreover, it is not difficult at all to make videos and publish. You can even film your gameplay and upload it on youtube.

Youtube has set a threshold of subscribers and watch time, which you need to meet for earning. When your subscribers and watch time gets to that point, you can connect Google AdSense to your account and start earning instantly. But remember, post quality content and be more creative to make videos, and you will earn lots of money as a kid from YouTube.

4. Sell Your Knowledge Online

Do you have any skills? Do you get straight A’s in maths, science, or history? If yes, then start selling it online. People pay handsome money on an hourly basis. Moreover, it does not ask for much of the effort, too, as it’s just helping with assignments and Homeworks, that’s all. Besides teaching subjects, you can also sell out your skills online. Teachable is one of the best platforms where you can cash out your knowledge and skills.

5. Be An App Tester

Many of the software houses hire people to test their apps before releasing them. With the help of an adult, you can find such platforms to earn money. All you have to do is download the app and make a critical assessment of it to make it better. Moreover, several websites are working online, where you can test an app and get paid.

6. Play Games Professionally To Earn

Every kid loves to play games. What game title do you play most? Get yourself perfectly skilled in that and then compete as a professional player on eSport. Players worldwide compete and win money as they get sponsors like Major League Gaming Circuit, which hosts and streams live gaming events globally. It is one of the fastest ways to make money as a kid by playing your favorite games. So Just don’t play for fun; now it’s time to play for earning.

7. Make Music

Can you play a musical instrument? Piano? Guitar? Yes, then start making melodies and publish them online for earning cash on it. Platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify make you earn money with your musical talent. Moreover, you will also get admiration from the audience and get famous eventually for your melodies. If you want to take your musical skill as a career in the future, you will do it quickly because people will already be familiar with you.

8. Organize Garage Sale Online

Well, many of the kids already got garage sale ideas to earn money. But what I’m going to tell you is that start publishing your garage sale on the internet. You can make ads to post on your social networks regarding garage sale day and show people what you got in the inventory for sale. Furthermore, you can also deliver their desired items through a courier service. Making garage sales online will give you more visitors than just the neighbors, and you will earn more money in the long run.

9. Run Social Media Accounts For Someone

As a kid, you are more inclined to social networks. But you know what brands and businesses always look for young folks to manage their social media accounts. You can find such companies and offer your services to earn money. You only need to respond to people on the companies’ behalf, that’s all. Besides, you might be asked to manage social networks for scheduling posts or any other task. Just by tapping your fingers, you can earn money with such a job.

10. Rent Your Stuff

Landlords rent out their houses; while you don’t have a home to give for rent, but you can surely rent out your other stuff. From your gadgets to marbles, you can rent out anything to earn money. You can show your friends your cool stuff, and they will surely pay you to use it. Moreover, you can advertise your things on the internet, and kids will reach out to you. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money as a kid.

11. Flip Products To Make Money

Flipping product is one of the easiest ways to earn some good cash. You only need to go to a thrift store or flea markets and get products. Clean these products nicely and post them on the internet for selling. You will get a handsome amount of cash on a single purchase. Moreover, you can post such items on eBay for selling.  Many of the sellers on eBay are flipping products and earning adequate capital on each purchase.

12. Look For BuyBack Programs

In garage sales, you sell used items to the people, but in BuyBack programs, companies look for the used products to buy back at somewhat a lower price than the original price. You can sell video games, books, and other electronic stuff. With just a quick Google search, you can find such companies.


While you cannot go to the office for a 9-5 job, but you can still get some side work to earn money. You can offer your services at a reasonable price, and people will reach out to you. Moreover, these little jobs will yield more immense benefits for you in the future if you want to take them as a career. Below, I’m listing some of the jobs that you can do to earn money as a kid.

1. Walk Dogs

People love to have dogs, but they usually don’t have time to take them for a walk. Well, that’s good for you as you can make it a source of earning money. You can ask busy-beings to take their dogs for a walk and get paid for it. It is not a formidable job, and you can take several dogs at one time for walking.

2. Digitalize Photos

Old folks have photos that they want to preserve digitally. You can find some of these folks and ask them to digitalize photos. Use a scanner to scan the images and save them in a flash drive.

3. Help Elders Learn The Technology

Nowadays, every kid is inclined to technology, but it is not that simple for elders to cope with technology. The old individuals find it troubling to even send an email. Well, you can cash your tech-savviness by helping elders to learn technology. You can show them how to use a smartphone, internet, and laptop and get benefited in return.

4. Water Plants

Watering plants is an all-season job. While people go on vacations or on official trips, they need someone to take care of their plants. So you can offer your services for watering plants. You see, it is not a formidable job, and still, you can get extra bucks in your pocket.

5. Yard Work Helper

Well, watering plants are somewhat more comfortable, but you can spice things up a bit by providing yard work services. You will get some good buck for doing yard works. Besides, you can also create a yard service company too in the future.

Racking leaves, trimming weeds, mowing lawns, etc., come under yard services. You can ask your friends too to provide yard services in coordination. Furthermore, you can ask your neighbors if they need to get their lawn in shape for advertising your services. But in my opinion, the best way to get yard work is through social media platforms as there you promote your services and contract work to earn money.

6. Pet Sit

Previously, I asked to take a dog for a walk to earn money; well, you can also offer pet sitting services. Ask pet owners if they want the caretaker for their pets when they are away. You can tell them to give you a call when they need you. You can pet sit cats, dogs, parrots, etc. Cats and other pets are not demanding as you only need to feed them. But for the dogs, it is not the same as you take them out for a stroll too. You can get good cash from pet sitting.

7. Help Elders To Run Errands

Running daily chores for old folks is not a piece of cake. They need someone to clear their driveway from ice, rack up leaves from the lawn, or get things from the store. Well, you can offer your services to them and get paid in return. Go and find some elders in your neighborhood and offer your services for a fee.

Besides, many grownups also want someone to take care of their parents. You can find such folks and offer your services to their parents.

8. Shovel Ice

If you are thinking about making money as a kid in winter, get the Ice scraper, remove snow for people, and get paid. You can ask your neighbors if they want to clear off their doorway from ice.


If you ask how to make money as a kid without doing chores, I recommend you start selling off things. Now your next question must be what to sell to make money as a kid? So for that, read ahead:

1. Make Crafts To Sell

Kids love to work on DIY projects. While you enjoy making DIY miniature houses or wax candles, you can also sell them to earn money. The Internet is bombarded with the idea of the DIY craft; you can pick a statement that you like most and work on it. After that, take pictures of your artifacts and post them on social media platforms. People will reach out to you for your adorable crafts, and you will be paid for your hobby. Moreover, you can also display your crafts at the city fair and sell them to earn money.

2. Sell Soda

In summers, people look here and there for colas and sodas to beat the heat. Well, you can get a pack of soda and sell them out in the crowded area to make money. So if you were thinking about how to make money as a kid in the summer, cold beverages are the answer.

3. Sell Kids’ Stuff At School

As a kid, you better know what your fellows like the most. So, you got a chance to make money as a kid at school. You have to show the kids picture of their favorite stuff with prices on the internet and tell them that you will provide them at a lesser rate. Now ask an adult to go to the market with you and find the whole seller and get those items at less rate. Directly sell them to your fellows and keep your commission. You see how straightforward it is to make money as a kid.

4. Sell Collectibles

From Legos to your favorite character, you can sell any collectible to earn money. Etsy.com is one of the platforms where you can sell your collections and make money. Moreover, you can show your collectibles to your friend too for selling.

5. Sell Fresh Eggs

The most exciting thing you can do to make money as a kid is by creating a chicken farm. You can ask your parent if they allow you to buy the chickens; you can set a chicken scoop. Initially, you can start by getting only 3-4 chickens. When they begin to lay eggs, you can sell these farm-fresh eggs to your neighbors and friends. Moreover, you can add up more chickens if the demand for farm-fresh eggs increases. You see, with a little investment, you can start your egg business as a kid.


Earning money in the 21st century is a piece of cake. It only takes dedication and a little bit of time to earn money as a kid. If you are looking for ways to make money as a kid, I appreciate you because you got this attitude to make something on your own. You got plenty of options, from selling things on the internet to playing games to earn money. It is on you what road you take to get some cash.

I have listed many of the ways to make money as a kid in this guide. But remember, during your money-making venture, you will face some difficulties, don’t get disheartened, and stay consistent. I hope you get all the best ways to make money as a kid.

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