25 (10+10+5) Ways To Make Money As a Teen

What’s the most irritating thing you have heard as a teen from your mom? No, you cannot have that. Or maybe you have grown up you should consider your responsibilities. While you have seen new sneakers or skateboards and you already have spent your pocket money, but still you want to get those? What will you do? Ask mom? No way.


Well, that’s when you have to make ways to get what you want. Many simple and straightforward ways will give you some good bucks to meet your ends. If you wish to earn money for your college admission or want them for getting your new gadget, we will be showing different ways to get some extra bucks than your pocket money.

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10 Ways To Make Money As A Teen By Doing Easy Work:

There are several easy jobs listed below that you can do to get some extra bucks in the pocket:

1. Babysit

Babysitting is one of the most common jobs for teens to do. Parents are often busy, and they need someone to take care of their kids. Getting a professional caretaker might not be a very budgeted option, so you can pitch them to hire you as a babysitter at somewhat a reasonable price. You can babysit in your free time and earn some good money. Look in the neighborhood if someone needs to babysit their kids. Additionally, if you can’t explicitly go door to door to offer babysitting services, mobile apps like care.com or sittercity.com let you find babysitting jobs.

How Much Can You Earn From Babysitting: As per a survey 2018 Care.com survey, the babysitting job can give you $13 to $18 for an hour. So you got an excellent chance to earn more than 50 bucks in a day if you babysit a single kid for three hours. Moreover, parents might want to babysit more than one child at once, so you can shot up to 100 bucks in an hour or two just from babysitting. Moreover, you can charge more to babysit on holidays.

How To Start Baby Sitting: Look in the neighborhood if someone needs to babysit their kids. Moreover, if you can’t explicitly go door to door to offer babysitting services, you can check out the following apps:

  • Sittercity.com lets you find babysitting jobs. You can sign up for babysitting by clicking on “I’m a sitter” and then fill out the form and start your babysitting business.
  • Seekingsitters.com is another platform that lets you search for babysitting jobs based on your location.

Give And Takes Of Baby Sitting: You can have a fun time with kids, but the annoying kids might frustrate you. Additionally, you can work flexibly without requiring much effort, but it gets challenging to manage if you get too many clients.

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2. Pet Sit

If you love animals, you can get a chance to earn money from them. Many adults are busy at work or on the move, which is why they need someone to take care of their pets. Besides, many adults only need someone to walk the dog outside.

Moreover, pet sitting is not that difficult; you usually need to feed them and clean their mess, that’s all. But for the dogs, I can’t say as you have to take them for a stroll too.

You can ask neighbors if they need help with pet sitting, or you can distribute flyers out at the dog park to take your business a step further. Once you get along with those pets, this job will become super-easy for you.

How Much Can You Earn From Pet Sitting: According to a busy budgeter, you can earn $10 to $25 per hour for a single pet sitting. Moreover, this rate can atop when you get to experience or become a vet.

How To Start Pet Sitting: You can ask neighbors if they need help with pet sitting, or you can distribute flyers out at the dog park to take your business a step further. Furthermore, you can check out these apps for getting pet sitting jobs:

  • Rover.com is a website that hires pet sitters and provides pe siting service to the people. From dog-walking to Drop-in visits, they got every type of service for pet sitting.
  • Dogvacay.com is another platform that provides petsitting jobs. You can check it out for getting a pet sitting job.

Give And Takes Of Pet Sitting: Pet sitting job is fun to do, but at times you have to deal with the animals’ different temperaments, making it difficult to cope with.

3. Deliver Pizza

Delivering food, especially pizza, is another money-making venture. You only need a license and a vehicle to start off this job. Mostly, people order food at weekends or late nights that make you available for this job. You can earn some good cash with food-delivering jobs considering all the hourly rate bonuses and tips.

How Much Can You Earn From Delivering Pizza: According to graphs, an average hourly income of a pizza delivery boy is $13.77. besides, wages you also get a chance to win tips and extra money by delivering pizza.

How To Start Delivering Pizza: You can search for job-applications.com to search for pizza delivery jobs. It is a US-based website that shows the number of jobs available near you.

Give And Takes Of Delivering Pizza: While applying for the pizza delivery job, the company will ask you for a driving license, which might be a problem if you don’t have one. But on the flip side, you get a chance to earn some good money with tips and bonuses for holiday work.

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4. Get Yardwork

Life is so busy these days, and that’s why many adults don’t have time to get their backyard in line. They can hire a landscaping company, but if you bid at a slightly reasonable price, you can get that job too. The yardwork is on all seasons, as in the springs, you have to plant seeds and take care of them. Further, summers call for lawn mowing and cutting those extra bushes and weed. And in winter you have to shovel the snow. All these things are easily doable, and you can get some handsome money from them.

You can find yardwork jobs from your neighborhood from the start, and if they like your work and the word of mouth spreads, you will get more work. One of the perks of doing yardwork is that you can shuffle your schedule according to your clients’ times. But remember to be punctual with your plans. The good news is that you can go to nextdoor.com and blow into your neighborhood to find a job.

How Much Can You Earn From Yard Work: According to the fixr, you can earn anywhere between $20 to $25 per hour by providing yardwork service. Moreover, depending on your expertise and the nature of the services you provide, your wages can increase.

How To Start Yard Work: You can find yardwork jobs from your neighborhood from the start, and if they like your work and the word of mouth spreads, you will get more work. The good news is that some websites are operating online to hire yard workers.

  • Nextdoor.com is a platform where you can and blow into your neighborhood to find a job.

Give And Takes Of Yard Works: Yard works are somewhat One of the perks of doing yardwork because you can shuffle your schedule according to your clients’ times. But remember to be punctual with your plans.

5. Car Washing

Everyone needs their car clean and lustrous. You can get the vehicle cleaning tools from your garage and go door to door to ask for car washing services. Chances are that as a gesture of appreciation, your neighbors will let you wash their cars, and you will get some extra bucks in your pocket. Moreover, they can also contact you from time to time to get the carwashing services.

How Much Can You Earn From Car Washing: The Chron reports show that a car washer’s hourly wage may vary from $8.56 to $11.85. moreover, you can pull over some friends and wash more cars in an hour and earn handsome money. Afterward, you can split it evenly.

How To Start Car Washing: Besides going door to door asking neighbors for car washing services, you can also print some flyers and distribute them in car parks and beaches, etc. you can even print out the flyer for free on vistaprint.com.

Give And Takes Of Car Washing: Car washing requires almost zero investment from your end as you can find most of the car cleaning stuff from your home. But on the flip side, washing cars with mud stuck on them might get troubling for your to clean them off.

6. Camp Counselor

If you got leadership skills and can coordinate with different beings, go for camp counseling this summer. Camps always look upon hardworking and peppy youngs who can mentor the campers. Filled with exciting games, this fun-earn job will give you some cash. Reach out to the summer camps you have grown up at or try to sign up for other camps for the counselor’s job.

How Much Can You Earn From Camp Counseling: According to ziprecruiter.com, a camp counselor can make $10 per hour. Moreover, camp counselors with less than a year of experience can get less than $9 per hour.

How To Start Camp Counseling: You can reach out to the summer camps you have grown up at or try to sign up for other camps for the counselor’s job. Moreover, if you have a high school diploma in camp counseling or a general education degree, you can win a camp counselor job. You can visit payscale.com to browse for camp counseling jobs near you.

Give And Takes Of Camp Counseling: Camp counseling is an exciting job as you have to spend most of the time with kids doing different activities, but you will be tired as hell at the end of the day.

7. Golf Caddy

Working as a golf caddy is one of the ways to make money as a teen. Golf is more of a rich people’s sport, so chances are that you can earn good bucks from this job. Besides, it is not a tough job; you only need to carry someone else’s clubs and walk around the golf court. And the good news is you can start caddying even if you are fourteen. You will get paid at hourly rates. Moreover, you can also get free meals and teas along with cash. Being in a rich people company, you will get some good ideas to pitch you to start something big in the future.

How Much Can You Earn From Golf Caddying: Golf caddies can make somewhere between $20-$30 in an hour. Besides, You will get paid as to how many holes games you are playing. If the golfer is up for an 18-hole game and is asked to carry two begs for them, you will make somewhere between $100-$120 in a single game. Moreover, you can also get free meals and teas along with cash.

How To Start Golf Caddying: You can start your golf caddying career by checking out your nearby golf clubs. You can ask golfers for a job and begin to earn when they hire you. If you want to take golf caddying as a full-time job, then check out this article.

8. Be A Referee

Do you love sports? Baseball? Cricket? Football? If yes, then you might know all the rules of your favorite sport. So, you can earn some cash from your favorite sports by becoming a referee or umpire. Being a teenager, you can umpire the games of below 10-age players. Well, for the money, it is a flat rate per game that gives you a chance to get some good bucks instantly.

How Much Can You Earn being a kids’ referee: You can earn somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 per year as a kids’ referee. Besides, you can get paid as per a single game. Different entities pay differently. As a high school referee, you can get $20 to $25. As a youth league referee, you can earn up to 50 bucks from a single game, and a college can pay you up to $100 for a single game. Moreover, it does not ask for much effort as you only need to inspect balls and charge penalties when required.

How To Become a Kids’ Referee: If you are above 16 years, you can start your career as a referee. To become a referee, you will be asked to complete a referee course. Naso is a website which provides officiating services for people to start their career as a referee. You can check it out and sign up for one of the referee courses.

9. Store Worker

Retail shops or grocery stores frequently hire young people. You can be a grocery bagger, rack restocker, or cleaner or handle the cash counter. You can work after school there and get either salary-based money or daily wages.

How Much Can You Earn From Working In A Store: In the United States, a store worker can make between $11.13 in an hour, according to Indeed.com, where they get these numbers from 2.6K reported salaries.

How To Start Working In A Store: You can start your store worker job by checking out your nearby stores if they need some hands for work. On the other hand, you can also check out websites like indeed.com and job-applications.com, where you can search for vacant store worker positions near you.

10. House Clean

Cleaning house is the ground reality of us all, but many of us are so lazy to do that. You know what, you can get more than $ 100 with a single house clean. Offer house cleaning service by posting some flyers or by asking people. Moreover, you can add a little variety to your cleaning service by adding some packages like quick clean and thoroughly clean and then charge accordingly. Chances are that if people like your service, then word-of-mouth will give an opportunity to earn more.

How Much Can You Earn From House Cleaning: According to ziprecruiter.com, a house cleaner can earn between $817-$288 a week in the US. Besides, indeed.com says that a house cleaner can get $13.8 for an hour of house cleaning. You see, you got some great chance to earn a handsome amount of money just by scrubbing floors and cleaning windows.

How To Start House Cleaning Services: At the start, you can ask your neighbor for house cleaning services. You can offer them some low prices for services just to get along with the job. Once you get hands-on house cleaning services, you can print out flyers and distribute them outside stores, etc. besides, you can also contact websites like Tidy.com, where they hire house cleaners, and people hire you for house cleaning services. But remember, such websites evaluate house cleaners critically, so you have to get all the best house cleaning products and everything for signing up there.

Another 10 Ways To Make Money As A Teenager But Online

If you are thinking about making money as a teenager without a job, then the internet is the road you must take. You can earn even six figures a year without leaving the comfort of your home. Some of the online money making methods are:

11. Start Blog

Suppose you are interested in some particular topics like gaming, lifestyle, and health. In that case, you can start off with a blog to share your knowledge. Blogging does not have any age limit, and you can start one in your teens. Although, you can not get cash instantly with your blog. It is more like a passive income source that can give you money in your sleep too. When people like your blog and get some good traffic on your website, you can start earning money from it by monetizing. The good news is that you can more than six figures a year if run properly. Besides, posting informational posts on your blogs can also post affiliate content, giving you commission on each purchase that the visitor makes.

12. Start A Youtube Channel

Do you have a smartphone in your hand right now? Yes. Start to capture something funny or interesting and post it on youtube. When you reach the subscribers and watch-time threshold of youtube, you can approve the google AdSense to earn money on each running ad on your video. Moreover, you can post some informational videos and value-added content to get more subscribers.

Besides such a video, you can also post an affiliate video where you post a product’s review and provide a link, which on each purchase gives you a commission. If you plan to start off a youtube channel, check this video below to get all the ins and outs of YouTubing.

13. Become A Freelance Writer

If you got the writing spark in you, you could sell off this service to earn money. Many people are looking for a writer to write a blog post or ghostwrite a portion of their book. Well, you make your portfolio by writing some articles on medium.com or blogger.com and show them to the people who are in search of you.

You can also write a book and publish it on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. So when people purchase your book online, you make money.

14. Get A Skill And Earn On Fiverr / Upwork

There are many skills that, without requiring much effort, can yield great results. While in school, you get the required knowledge, but in professional life, you gain skills. Will, it is not better to get some solid skills in your school-time to earn some capital? Why not. You must learn one of the given skills to get a high-income source:

  • Copywriting
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Web development
  • Facebook marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Funnel Building

Once you get hands on one of the skills, make a profile on Fiverr or Upwork and start selling off your services.

15. Manage Social Media Accounts

Many companies and brands look for young and energetic people to take care of their social media handles. Making money as a teenager will not be that troubling for you with social media accounts. Many teenagers know all the ins and outs of social media platforms. You can get shortcuts to manage social media accounts.

16. Be A Virtual Assistant

You can handle the administrative tasks of someone and get paid for the job. Your responsibility includes email management, social network management, scheduling meetings, calendaring, bookkeeping, and other clerical tasks. You can reach out to people for VA service via social media accounts, or you can ask your parents or relatives to refer you to some business owner. But remember that every business owner has its own requirements, so you need to cater to them.

17. Sell Products On Facebook / Instagram

If you got all the marketing perks in you, sell products. You can purchase items at lower rates from the market and sell them on a bit high on your Facebook or Instagram handle. Moreover, if you are more of a DIY-guy, you can make things and sell them. You only need to post a sponsored ad. You will be bombarded with the orders, which will eventually lead to earning some good capital. But ensure the quality and worth of the product so that your customer sticks to your products.

18. Be An Amazon Associate

Working as an amazon associate will give some handsome bucks down the year. You can post affiliate links on youtube or your blogs and earn a commission on each purchase.

19. Social Media Influencer

What better than sharing your feelings, thoughts, and experiences and earn money. Well, social media influencers can earn more than 60000 bucks a year. If you go somewhere near to the social media influencer, then 30000 dollars a year are yours. You need a strong social media page, and also you need to polish your social media management skills to become a top-notch influencer.

20. Transcribe Audio Files

Making money as a teenager is a piece of cake with a transcription service. You only need to listen to the audio file and convert them into documented files; that’s all for transcribing. You can do all this on your couch and also at any hour of the day. Some of the best transcription profiles are Rev that offers $1 for each minute of transcription, and TranscribeMe, for $15 to $22 for each transcription hour. So grab the headphone and start transcribing to earn money.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money As A Teen By Selling Things

Besides offering services, one of the ways to earn money as a teenager is by selling things. Below is a listing of some of the ideas to start your selling business:

21. Sell DIY Crafts

Are you good at making DIY candles? Or do you have any other DIY crafting skills? You can start selling it off to your friends and relatives. Moreover, you can sell it on any of the online buying and selling platforms.

22. Sell Stock Photos

Do you get some skills to capture things and moments? Yes, go for selling them. Many bloggers and other entrepreneurs are looking for royalty-free stock photos. You can catch some classic clicks and upload them on different websites like iStock, Dreamstime, and PixaBay and get money on each download. Additionally, you do not need a top-notch camera for that. Just get some solid clicks from your smartphone and upload it.

23. Sell Things At School

If you got strong marketing skills and gained a vast social circle, you must start selling things at school. Show your friends the product picture go to the market, and find the most reasonable shop. Then purchase those products and sell them to your friends at school with your commission added. This way, you will get famous for buying unique and reasonably priced items at school, and you will get a good income source.

24. Sell Soda/Coffee

The best and easy way to make money as a teen is by selling beverages. You can buy a pack of soda or water and sell it in the crowded area for a dollar. Moreover, you can go to the park near your home and start selling. By investing a trivial amount of money, you can get some good bucks at the end of the day.

But when the summers are over, the soda is not a good bet. Now, if you got some bucks during the summers, you can buy a coffee machine. Freshly brewed coffee in a crowded area will give you some solid potential to earn money.

25. Sell Vintage Items

If you are more inclined to vintage items, you sell them to earn money. Find local stores of vintage clothes and other objects and then sell them on Etsy or D-pop.


Earning money is not that difficult whether you are in your teens or an adult. If you want to make money fast, find what you love doing. Your interest will add value to your work, and eventually, you will excel in what you do. Moreover, there are several methods online via which you can earn money. Get a skill and try to sell it out on the internet for earning money.

Besides this, there are plenty of other services that do not ask for skills, and still, you can make money. You see, it’s all on you how you want to earn money in your teens. Be consistent and be energetic towards what you do, and you will gain the reward. I hope you get the best way to make money at your young age.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

Q1. Does McDonald’s hire at 14?

Ans1. You can start working at McDonald’s by 14-year of age, but that’s is not the final statement as many states have their own criteria for hiring. Besides, they also ask for permission to work if you are in school. Furthermore, the position you apply for in McDonald’s is another factor for hiring as you need to be a minimum of 18 for a Managerial post.

Q2. What jobs can you work at 13?

Ans2. If you are 13 and want to earn money, start one of the following jobs:

  • Babysitting
  • Gardening or Lawn moving
  • Dog walking or pet sitting
  • Tutoring the subject, you know best
  • Car washing
  • Junior camp counseling. …
  • Newspaper delivery boy
  • Lemonade stand
  • Help elders with their chores

Q3. How can I make $1000 fast?

Ans3. You can make $1000 by starting out your freelancing career. You can get hands-on a skill, say it’s photo-editing, web developing or Facebook marketing or any other, and start selling it out on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer. Moreover, running your own blog is also the best bet for earning $1000.

Q4. What is the highest paying job for 14?

Ans4. Golf caddy is one of the best jobs for teenagers to earn more money. In golf caddying, you connect with rich people and are usually generous to give tips and bonuses. Besides getting your wages you will also get tips, meals, and teas. Moreover, you can earn $100 to $120 by lugging to bags for an 18-hole game.

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