2 Best Ways to Make Money with a Website without Selling Anything

Are you planning to launch a website? If yes, then do you have some products to sell on the website? That’s okay if you got something to sell, but if you don’t have a business running or don’t have the resources to invest in selling products, you can still earn money with a website.


Here I will tell you all the nitty-gritty details of making money with a website without selling anything. First things first, you must be mindful that you cannot earn from a website in a day, see “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Right?

It’s a slow and steady process that requires hard work, and yes, smart work too. I’m going to tell you here are all the best ways to make money online without selling anything. So don’t just make blogging a hobby; let us earn some handsome bucks.

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Best Ways To Make Your Website A Money Vending Machine

There are two best ways to make money without selling anything on the website are by displaying ads and Affiliate marketing.

1. Make Money From Ads

When you first open up a webpage, usually you see different Ads showing here and there on the page, right? The ads can be in any form, say it an image, text, or video. These Ads are the real asset of that blog because, with every click on the Ad, the blogger gets some cents in the pocket.

You might say that only CENTS? What if I ask you that 10000 visitors check in to your blog, among which 5000 clicks on the AD? Then, that’s counts up for some solid bucks in a day. Your website can even get millions of visitors in a single day so imagine how much potential you have to earn.

Despite having more traffic, you cannot get the Ads automatically appearing on the page. You have to apply for some services that can be Google AdSense or any other. Now let me tell you all the ins and outs of earning money from Ads.

How to start placing Ads on your website?

1.1 Increase traffic to the website:

When you plan to make a website for Ads, remember only one thing “Increase your traffic”. You add to the number of visitors by doing a thorough search about the things people search for mostly. You can use a few tools like Moz and Ahref, for exploring the most searched content and start writing about it.

1.2 Use social media to drive traffic to the website:

If you got some social media following, then you can take advantage of it and get some good traffic to your site. Once you earn enough traffic to your website, then proceed to the next step, that is:

1.3 Apply for Adsense

You can start by linking your blog to AdSense. AdSense usually asks you to place a piece of code on your website, and it will take care of the rest. Once you get all the fine points of AdSense, you can optimize your ads for better earning.

Making money from Ads might seem easy, but you need a proper plan to execute to succeed. So be mindful of what you write about and who your audiences are.

2. Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

I know you don’t want to sell anything, but you can sell for others and get a commission on each purchase, yes? You don’t need to make a product for selling or worrying about delivering products or customer complaints.

The only thing you have to do is to convenience your viewer to buy the product. That’s on you what way you convince the viewer, whether from a video, article, or any other. In my opinion, the best way to work with affiliate marketing is by writing up product reviews.

From product reviews, you can make up the reader’s mind to purchase the items they are already looking to buy. One of the perks of affiliate marketing is, you earn in dollars rather than cents, which gives you some real bucks out of few purchases. In AdSense, you have to wait for 1000’s visitors to click on Ad; the affiliate marketing can give you that with a handful of visitor’s purchases.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on your website:

    1. Search for the niche/or products that are most demanding these days. You can use a different tool like Semrush to search the trending products.
    2. Choose a website domain as per the products you will be writing reviews for and then purchase it from domain hosting websites.
    3. After the domain, purchase a web server where all your web data will be residing.
    4. You need to choose a CRM or content resource manager like WordPress or Wix for developing a website.
    5. After this, install the themes and plugins.
    6. Start to publish the product reviews and then hold your breath for some good bucks.

Here is the video to make a website with WordPress:

Tips To Get More Visitors For Your Blog:

  • The quality of the content matters a lot for getting visitors
  • The content must be engaging and must answer the visitor’s queries
  • It would help if you kept the balance of the keyword in the content
  • Use fast web hosting services for a better user experience
  • Link your blogs to some other already ranked blogs


If we were in the previous century and I would ask you to earn money, then the only way is to sell either services or products. But luckily, in this era of technology, making money without selling anything is so easy and straightforward. You only need a laptop and internet to start earning bucks.

Here in this guide, I mentioned two ways of earning online, which answers you how websites make money without selling anything. You can either earn by setting up Google AdSense or by affiliate marketing. The good news here is that you can also combine both of these ways and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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