TeamTreehouse Review | Pros, Cons & How to Get Started With it

The TeamTreeHouse is one of the best online coding schools that provide interactive courses to get anyone (novice or pro) on the verge of coding. Unlike other coding platforms, TeamTreeHouse has its in-built code editor that illustrates your coding in real-time. Not only that, the TeamTreeHouse lets you participate in an interactive exercise to get the hang of coding and development.

Quality of Content- 9.5

Pricing of the Courses- 8.5

Features- 9

User-interface- 8

Student’s Interaction- 10

In a hurry? Take a look at these points:

  • TreeHouse offers professionally-crafted courses tailored to the understanding of novices
  • The self-paced learning at TreeHouse provides flexibility to learn to code anywhere, anytime
  • The Treehouse comes with its WorkSpace editor that omits the need of getting a third party editor for coding space
  • You can try TeamTreeHouse for 7 days for free, yet you have to submit the course fee for the trial too
  • With project-based learning, you will get knowledge and skill to code at the same time

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About Team Treehouse, Pros & Cons:

If we ask you to write a piece of code, will you write it? It might be yes if you are tech-savvy, but if you are like many of us, your mind will be raging just with the thought of coding.

But today, coding is not just sentenced for programmers or software developers; anyone can code with user-friendly platforms like Team TreeHouse. Yes, Team TreeHouse is one of the versatile platforms that will lure you into the magical world of coding.

The platform offers courses tailored to beginners on web design, web development, Android development and gaming, yet within expert teachers’ supervision. Mainly the programming courses are targeted for ordinary people to learn to code and go onboard on an excellent tech career.

If you want to know more about the gives and takes of this platform, stay with us for a while because we are spilling everything in Team TreeHouse Review.


  • TeamTreeHouse offers more than coding courses from PHP to RUBY on rails and from web development to gaming. Not only that, they provide photoshop and marketing systems too.
  • The TeamTreeHouse provides competitive market pricing for their packages. Besides, you will also get a seven-day free trial of the courses.
  • The TeamTreeHouse provides only the best quality of content as their in-house coding experts deliver all the lectures.
  • TeamTreeHouse believes in interactive learning. That is why their courses come with a project-based approach. Such an approach lets you develop real products after each lesson.
  • TeamTreeHouse can even assist you in starting a coding career upon completion of the course. Under the Library tab, you will find classes on creating your coding career.


  • You still get to submit the credit for getting free trials, which you have to withdraw before seven days if you don’t want to continue to the course.
  • One of the significant drawbacks of TeamTreeHouse is that it does not accredit its courses, but if you are up for learning only, it is a go-to platform.

A Little History of Team Treehouse

In 2011 Ryan and Gillian Carson launched Treehouse, developed from Carsonified (a previous company of Carson’s) and Think Vitamin Membership (video tutorial service of Carson’s). The idea behind rebranding services as TreeHouse was to represent the wonder of learning as a kid.

So you see, this platform’s primary purpose was to give perfect guidance to non-tech peeps to get hands-on coding.

What Tech Programs Are Offered at Team TreeHouse

The Team TreeHouse is one MOOC (Massive Open Online Corse) provider platform accessible by anyone. This coding platform can take anyone to the verge of coding as the forum covers almost all the parts and tabs of programming both on track bases and individual course bases.

Below is the learning programs offered at Team TreeHouse:

  • APIs
  • Android Development
  • Business
  • C#
  • Computer Science
  • CSS
  • Data Analysis
  • Databases
  • Design
  • Development Tools
  • Digital Literacy
  • Go
  • HTML
  • iOS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Machine Learning
  • PHP
  • Quality Assurance
  • Python#
  • Ruby
  • Security
  • Swift
  • WordPress

How to Get Started at Team TreeHouse?

User Interface

The user interface matters a lot in such learning platforms as the individuals hovering on the websites are primarily non-tech. Even if some tech-savvy guy visits such a platform, the last thing they want is the cluttered and unclear homepage.

As of Team TreeHouse, they have streamlined everything perfectly on the web homepage. With its minimalist and sleek Graphical User Interface GUI and web design, you are good to go on your coding voyage.

When you first land the page, you will see them calling you for seven days free trial. You can sign up for seven days free trial after providing credentials and billing information. Although, you can refund your money before the seven days window.

Not Sure Where to Start? TreeHouse Answers it.

If you do not have a slight idea of coding and do not even know where to start coding, the TreeHouse still got your back. When you scroll down through the homepage, you will see that Team TreeHouse will have the option “Not sure where to start? Take Quiz”.

You can click on take quiz.

They will ask a couple of questions, where you have to select answers.

Upon your answers, they will refer you to one of their course.

How to Make a TreeHouse Account?

Making a treehouse account is the same as creating any social account except that you have to pay any amount. Once you get which course you want to sign up for, you can go to create an account. Below are the steps to create a treehouse account.

  1. Visit from your browser.
  2. By clicking on Free Trail on the top right corner or clicking Join Now at the fold, you can hover to the signup form page.

teamtreehouse review

  1. Here you will be asked to select a TreeHouse plan.

team treehouse pricing plans

  1. After selecting the plan, you have to submit your credentials like name, email, and password.

team tree house credentials

  1. You can select a credit card or PayPal to submit the payment.

payment options for treehouse plans

  1. Now click Join TreeHouse, and you are account all set up to take you on the coding journey.

Features of Team TreeHouse (Reviewed)

TeamTreeHouse comes with nothing but the best of everything, from pricing to learning criteria. Below I’m mentioning the starring features of TeamTreeHouse. But be mindful that some parts might be subjected to a specific pricing plan.

Collaborative Platform: The TeamTreeHouse does not believe in delivering lessons only. Instead, they ask their students for feedback via workshops, test quizzes, practice sessions, and coding tasks at the end of every lesson in a course.

Leaderboard Competition: To motivate students to perform well in coding, the TeamTreeHouse gives students points and badges upon completing the courses. Such rewards are then showcased to their profiles where other fellow students and talent hunters can see them.

Free Trial: Whatever course package you apply for, the TeamTreeHouse offers a seven-day free trial upon application. But be mindful, if you do not want to continue to course, withdraw your money before the trial ends

TeamTreeHouse Regards Students’ Opinion: The TeamTreeHouse strives to provide the best coding platform tailored to students’ needs. To affirm this assertion, TeamTreeHouse collects students’ emails every month. TeamTreeHouse further screens what students want to make decisions accordingly.

Video Customization: When going through lectures, you are in control to change lecture speed for up to five different speeding options. Moreover, you can also enable the captions to read transcriptions.

Payment Flexibility: While subscribing to packages, you can apply either with a credit card or PayPal. PayPal will refer you to its website to set up a payment method.

payment options for treehouse plans

Team TreeHouse Pricing

The Team TreeHouse courses come in three different pricing depending on the credentials and the duration of the course. All three packages will come with access to the video library, on-demand expert-led videos and the right to use to the community forum.


You will find the basic package of Team TreeHouse under the COURSES tab. It is the most popular course of Team TreeHouse, where they give you access to their video library and community forum. Moreover, they are offering interactive practice sessions too in the basic package. What you will get in the Courses package:

  • Expert-led video courses
  • Complete drill of each course with interactive sessions
  • Online interaction with other fellows

Team TreeHouse costs a basic package of $25 per month, or if you are up to get the yearly package, you will need to pay around $250.

Who should get it?

This package is ideal for someone who isn’t confident as if they intend to devote their life to programming or only want to test the waters. It’s a beginner-friendly package that will give you all of the resources you’ll want to get going with coding.

Courses Plus:

The courses plus and course package are coupled together on the signup page. Since they offer almost the same perks only with the dissimilarity of video downloading and access to additional content, in Courses Plus, you will be getting:

  • Expert-led video courses along with bonus content
  • Additional workshops
  • Ability to download videos

This package is quite reasonably priced considering its extra features. You have to pay only $45 for a whole school of coding, and it gets more reasonable when you subscribe for a year, $450 for a year.

Who Should Get It?

This package is the best choice for those passionate about coding endeavors and who want to learn as much as possible.

team treehouse pricing plans

Team Treehouse Tech Degree Review:

The tech-degree course is for serious learners who want to take an edge over programming. Whether you are a beginner or have some level of coding literacy, the Tech-degree will serve perfectly for bringing you to the horizon of a coding career.

Unlike courses and courses plus package, the tech degree package is a structured learning program that spoon-feeds beginners about coding. Some of the perks of the Tech-degree package are:

  • Structured and streamlined curriculum to align with your learning pace
  • Real-time support of Team TreeHouse and tech degree students via slack messaging app
  • Personalized feedback on coding

The tech-degree package is premium priced at $199 for all its offerings. Since you will be paying a considerable sum a month, the course indeed pays off by providing you with the money-making skill of coding or programming.

Who Should get it?

This choice is most likely for those who are enthusiastic about investing their time and energy to pursue a tech-based career and be a master in the coding profession.

Is Team Treehouse Worth It?

Do you know that software engineers are highly paid engineers in the world? Yes, with their skills to design and code softwares, they are earning handsome bucks down the year. And to give the high-earning skills, different coding schools and online platforms are charging 1000’s f bucks, and people are happily paying them.

But comparing the pricing of Team TreeHouse with other platforms, you will find it quite reasonable. They are providing access to 1000’s interactive videos without asking you to buy extra learning material.

And the good news is that all of Team Treehouse’s tutorials are taught by experts in the field, who explain their knowledge via personal tutorials. Unlike other courses delivered by a system or software, Team Treehouse’s presentation style resembles an online class and feels more interactive than hearing from a robot.

Moreover, they are not leaving you alone with their pre-recorded video. They take tests and assessments to track your learning levels. So you see, you are better off with your investment in learning since it has the potential to yield significant benefits for you.

What Former Student of TreeHouse Has to Say? – Teamtreehouse Review

More than 317000 students from 190 countries are enrolling for different courses in TreeHouse. Some of the former students of TreeHouse have shared their experiences and showed how this coding school changed their lifestyle.

Chris Dabatos

Chris was an audiovisual executive assistant, but he changed his path to coding with limited potential to grow. After three months courses, ha secured a junior developer position, which turned into the main developer job after a year.

While expressing his experience, Chris said that” The great thing about code is that companies honestly don’t care about a degree. All they care about is the work you put in and your ability to code. For the first time, I felt like I had control of my life again, and that came through code.”

Now he runs his youtube channel named Chris Sean, where he blogs about how becoming a developer changed his life and other information regarding programming and development.

Jeffrey McKim

Jeffery McKim is from the United States, where he had a laborious job of 50-70 hours a week. While trying to cope with their studies, Jeffery wanted a significant career change. So he turned up to coding after some boot camps.

Despite people telling him not to pursue a $10000 Bootcamp, he signed up to code online rather than getting a college degree. Through thick and thin, he continued his hard work. After 18 months since his friendship with coding, he finally landed a full-time developer’s job position.

While sharing his experience with Treehouse, he said,” My lifestyle made learning more difficult, but Treehouse helped me stay organized and motivated by charting my progress and saving my code.”

Jennifer Nordell

Since she caught Team TreeHouse’s eyes on her through an unprecedented number of courses and credits, Jennifer is an aspiring developer. Not just that, she was super active with the whole community and reverting to question more frequently.

Not just because of the credits, but it is her inspirational story that makes her a star. Jennifer is suffering from some disabilities that restrict her to work 9-5. But despite this, she started to learn coding on TreeHouse and course after course, and she was getting into the eye of the TeamTreeHouse.

For Jennifer, it was the acknowledgment of the TeamTreeHouse that motivated her to answer more questions and get more profile credits. And today, she answered more than 2500 questions, among which 1100 are marked best answered.

Comparison of TeamTreeHouse to Other E-Learning Platforms

Treehouse reviews are favorable, with a Trustpilot rating of 3.3 out of 5 and positive comments on Reddit. Customers claim that TeamTreeHouse decorated a high-quality structure for gaining competent programming skills.

Also, it is Treehouse’s wonderful and welcoming culture that students appreciate the most, which greets all your queries. Below we are providing a brief comparison of TeamTreeHouse to other platforms, so let’s have a look:

TeamTreeHouse Vs. Udemy

Udemy is yet another e-learning platform like TeamTreeHouse. The difference between both platforms is that Udemy is course-riched, while Treehouse focuses only on coding and programming.

the downside of Udemy is that trainers and quality of the content vary while on TeamTreeHouse, the content quality is top-notch their in-house experts deliver the lectures.

However, in terms of pricing, Udemy is quite reasonable with courses starting from $10-12. But if you buy more lessons from Udemy, the price will get much higher.

As I said, TeamTreeHouse has a welcoming community that answers your every question, but Udemy lacks such social interaction with students.

Udemy offers more advanced courses than TeamTreeHouse, but it lacks learning road maps as of Treehouse.

TeamTreeHouse Vs. Coursera

The Coursera has come with more of an academic approach. The Coursera primarily focuses on providing theoretical knowledge to the students rather than practical knowledge. Moreover, Coursera offers 5100+ courses in different fields from business to coding, yet with TeamTreeHouse, you get only 300+ courses.

While the TeamTreeHouse asks you to pay only for training, Coursera offers free training, and if you plan to get accredited, only then it asks for payment. It is one of the best factors of Coursera.

Teamtreehouse vs FreecodeCamp

TeamTreeHouse is more detailed oriented towards coding and programming language while FreecodeCamp is not.

The FreecodeCamp is more of a free e-learning platform with almost the same perks as TeamTreeHouse. Although, many students state that freecodecamp is more about imposing yourself on some challenging tasks.

Teamtreehouse vs Pluralsight

TeamTreeHouse and Pluralsight go hand in hand with teaching newbies and pros how to code. Also, both platforms offer the same range of pricing as Pluralsight costs $29 per month and TeamTreeHouse costs $25 per month.

Despite the same course and pricing, Pluralsight offers some poor community interactions, while a significant plus of TeamTreeHouse is its community interaction.

Moreover, with Pluralsight, you will be getting 200 minutes of the trial, while with TeamTreeHouse, it’s a whole week.

TeamTreehouse Review 2022 – FAQs

Q: Is Treehouse Good?

A: Treehouse is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to learn to program with little or no background understanding. With over 1,000 hours of high-quality videos, you can learn coding in a short time. The Treehouse code videos are built to take you from having no prior knowledge of coding to landing a career in the software industry.

Q: Is Teamtreehouse Free?

A: You can get a free seven-day trial upon subscriptions.

Q: Is Treehouse Accredited?

A: Treehouse is a Portland-based interactive coding academy. TeamTreeHouse is offering a new credential curriculum intended to encourage students for job posts. The Techdegree program does not have a conventional certification, but it is structured in collaboration with potential employers to produce entrance to tech jobs.


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